Diaspora evangelism, missions and church planting

Hear The Lord Ministries

HLM Diaspora evangelism, missions and Church plant

We actively engage in diaspora evangelism, missions and Church plant. The movement of people that resulted into the disruption of normal patterns of life often creates a window of openness to new friendships and ideas. The experience of physical and psychological dislocation in migration can crack the walls of old belief systems and allow the entry of the gospel of the Kingdom.

Access to the gospel increases as non-believers migrating from restricted access countries come into contact with the church in their new host societies, or when believers from places with thriving church find work within closed countries. We help missions entities gain conceptual clarity, organizational alignment, and the necessary tools and strategies for effectiveness in diaspora missions. We recognize that people have been migrating to new lands throughout human history, and God has incorporated these migrations into his redemptive plans for mankind.