Who We Are

Hear The Lord Ministries

The Purpose

Hear The Lord Ministries (HLM) is a global corporate bureau of God’s Remnant Assembly Mission Squad (GRA Mission Squad) passionate about taking on the world’s toughest challenges (evangelism, soul winning, Church plant, humanitarian ministry, global development, leadership and missions to the unreached) by the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God fleshed out in this world. Being in the world and not of the world is our core commitment.

Growth, development and conformity to the image of Jesus Christ, is more than a passion to us, it is our calling. It is our profession.

The days of obtaining a visa for a traditional full-time missionary are largely gone. It has moved from strategies centered on the professional missionary to ones that better facilitate the equipping of professionals in mission. This means we have moved from fragmented to a more integrated understandings of life, work and mission. It also mean a global shift of seeing vocation as merely incidental, to understanding it as integral to God’s mission. This paradigm shift in missiology is simply that vocation is now integral and no longer not incidental to the Missio Dei.

The diverse societies around the world demand a multi-faceted mission. Through a continuum of ministry and service, HLM empowers disciples who make disciples in their own native context.

HLM engages ministry diversity at the places and with the people we work in and amongst. From Church planting to missional business, student work, to medical practice, we aim to present the Gospel, in a culturally relevant way, through word and deed.

We are called to serve the global mission movement through prayer seminars, mission workshops, intense worship, WordFest and leadership conferences.

Through “Ministering to the Lord” and “Alone With God”  initiatives of HLM, we usher all participants into insightful and passionate study of God’s word to demystify by revelation the mysteries of God’s will thereby manifesting the character of Jesus Christ through Bible culture, and by actively engaging in the task remaining in world evangelization.

Change is the new constant in our social systems, from technology to pandemics to shifting social structures, everything is in flux. Strategic adaptation enables us to not just survive but thrive amid disruptive change.

Hear The Lord Ministries

Our Mission

  • We prioritize making good connections as key for doing marketplace ministry
  • We live out our faith to model work as Christians as we minister to others in the workplace, honoring God by the way we work or run our businesses
  • We inspire transformational movements of multitudes to Christ from the valley of decision into the mountain of transfiguration within unengaged people groups by sending teams to catalyze this change
  • We train, send people and support local ministries to learn how to reach the international community in their own neighborhood, with numerous opportunities for serving
  • Undertaking acceptable development takes experience, ingenuity, and a dogged insistence that tomorrow’s effort will be better than today’s. That is why we are committed to working together to find and implement innovative local, national and global projects that achieve development impact.
  • We do not take application of lessons learned across all of our projects about bridging the gap between segregated technical fields and about forging partnerships that unite the world’s best minds to solve its toughest problems frivolously.
  • We are culturally sensitive and are intentionally intercultural, cross-cultural and multicultural
  • We undertake missional projects that addresses food security for vulnerable populations, ensure improved livelihoods for smallholder farmers, and provide stable access to nutritious food. Our successes are rooted in technical and innovative approaches.
  • We build strategic partnerships that promote agricultural development, economic growth, and food security that enhances resiliency, increase incomes, and improve nutrition among local communities
  • We offer resources that are specifically for mission agencies through our unique focus and expertise on the organizational level that exists between missiology and practice.
  • HLM seek to promote dialogue, cultivate fresh borderline missiology, encourage multidimensional and interdisciplinary studies, foster spiritual devotion and provoke intellectual growth related to the cause of frontline mission.
  • We work alongside people in the global harvest fields in new and innovative ways and develop exciting opportunities for experienced business men and women to come and make a difference.